DINER (919) 419-0907
CATERING (919) 403-7707

Mon-Sat 7am – 9pm; Sun 7am – 3pm


Hope Valley Diner and Catering Company has been in existence since 1998.

Thank you so much for all the support and patronage over the last 21 years.  We continue to strive to have the best food and service possible. – Debbie


Let us help you with your Catering needs!

For Catering, call us at 919-403-7707,

or email hopevalleydiner@hopevalleydiner.com.

Hope Valley Diner & Catering Company is looking for new team members to join our fast paced restaurant & catering departments.

Full time & part time positions are available for front of house and back of house.  Submit your application and resume today!

 Employment Application for Hope Valley Diner & Catering Company